24/7 Video Live Streaming Server
Setup once. Keep running forever.

24/7 livestreams are getting more and more popular on YouTube, Twitch and other video streaming platforms. Most of the channels use a video streaming server to create a continuous stream of entertainment. Our Video Streaming Server Platinum is the ideal solution for your 24/7 live streaming needs.

24/7 Cloud Video Streaming Server

Setup your 24/7 livestream using our Video Streaming Server Platinum and the easy-to-use interface.

OBS Server

How to run a 24/7 music live stream on YouTube?

If you want to run a 24/7 music live stream on YouTube, our Cloud Video Streaming Server featuring OBS offers the best solution. You can use the software you already know hosted in a data center to transfer the workload from your local PC to the cloud. If you use a different streaming software, you may install it on the server as well.

How to create a playlist for 24/7 streaming?

Creating a playlist in OBS Studio is very simple. By installing VLC you will have a new source added to your OBS Studio installation that lets you embed the VLC player into your OBS scene. Once the source is created you can add all media files like music files or video files to the playlist and those files will be played back in OBS in the order you define. If you want to keep it running 24/7 you simply need to activate the “loop” functionality inside the playlist so that the playback will be restarted once it’s finished. This allows you to run 24/7 streams including your desired audio and video files. You may also combine audio and video playbacks.

If you have a video that should loop, you can simply create a media source or a vlc source and loop the video file. You may then add another source for all the music that will be played simultaneously to the video loop. Simply add a VLC source as described above and add all the music files your music radio stream should play.

The challenge of running a video stream 24/7

Running a 24/7 livestream can be challenging. From the hardware demanding task itself to Internet disconnects to power outages and the rising costs of electricity: There are a lot of headaches involved in running a live stream 24/7. This is why we created a solution that takes care of all that so that you can focus on providing the best content. Our Video Streaming Server Platinum is designed to meet the high demands of a 24/7 livestream. Embedded in a highly secure data center, we offer reliable and secure live streaming for our clients all around the globe.

How to use a video streaming server for 24/7 livestreams

Setting up the server is as easy as setting up a livestream locally. We provide a powerful cloud server that offers the same features you would expect from a local broadcasting solution. Create different scenes that you can manually control or work with just one scene that plays out a playlist of videos continuously. You can control the server remotely via our Remote Desktop connection or the customer control panel. Upload videos, images and audio files to the server to create the most engaging 24/7 livestream content possible. If you should have specific requirements, feel free to contact us at any time. We will be more than happy to assist you.