Professional Live Streaming Solutions is your professional provider for video live streaming services. Our products range from hosting your live stream and integrating it into your website using a player, to automated live streaming servers for mobile streams, to multi streaming for simultaneous delivery of your content on multiple platforms.

Our customers' trust in our services reflects our commitment to providing exceptional live streaming solutions.

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The right solution for every use case.

Our solutions equip you with the latest technology to captivate your audience in real time.

video live streaming webplayer

Video Live Stream Hosting

Send your stream to our servers and we’ll provide you with a simple HTML5 player that you can embed on your site to bring your content directly to your audience.

Multi Streaming

Reach an even larger audience effortlessly with our Multi Streaming service. Set up a single stream and go live instantly on multiple platforms or channels using customizable RTMP URLs – no complexity, just more engagement and reach.

cloud obs streaming server

Broadcasting Server

Take your streams to the next level with our Broadcasting Servers based on OBS Studio. Stream seamlessly from the cloud without your own powerful local hardware.

IRL Broadcasting Server

Revolutionize your IRL streams with our IRL Broadcasting Servers based on cloud technology and OBS Studio. Take your audience on your adventures and stay permanently live to captivate your audience even more.

independent mobile streaming from everywhere
mobile streaming

IRL Endpoint Server

Take your IRL streams to the next level with our RTMP & SRT compliant IRL Endpoint Servers. Easily integrate your mobile stream into your local OBS Studio and enable seamless and uninterrupted broadcasting to your audience from anywhere, even if your mobile connection drops.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Our team will be happy to help you and look forward to assisting you.