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Multi Streaming

Stream on multiple platforms at the same time and reach an even larger audience. With our service, you can stream on up to 10 user-defined platforms at the same time.

Our customers' trust in our services reflects our commitment to providing exceptional live streaming solutions.

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Every platform, your stage.

Due to the multitude of social media platforms and the individual preferences of your audience, you can rarely reach all viewers with just one platform. Our multi-streaming solution gives you a seamless presence on up to 10 platforms or channels at the same time, so you can reach your audience wherever they are.

Especially on huge platforms such as Twitch, YouTube or Facebook, your competition can be huge. With our multi-streaming service, we offer you the opportunity to stay one step ahead of your competition and simply reach more people. With our service, you can set up to 10 individual destinations that you want to stream to at the same time and thus easily multiply your potential.

Our multi-streaming service turns every broadcast into a great opportunity to reach a wider audience, build a deeper connection with your community and unlock the full potential of your digital presence. Turn every stream into a bridge that connects you with viewers around the world beyond the boundaries of individual platforms.

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Effortlessly intuitive.

Operating our Multi Streaming Service is child’s play. Spend less time on complex configurations so you have more time to focus on the essentials: Creating good and unique content and easily streaming it on multiple platforms at the same time.

Setting up our multi-streaming service is intuitive and simple. After booking, you will receive the access data for our customer portal. Here you can either enter the stream keys of the accounts to which you would like to stream on your desired platforms or store user-defined RTMP destinations. You can then start your stream and we will ensure that your content is streamed at the same time on all your stored platforms.

To give you maximum flexibility in defining your destinations, you can easily make changes at any time via the customer portal.

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Best quality, multiplied.

Our multi-streaming service forwards your stream exactly as you broadcast it. This means that your audience can expect the quality they are used to from you on every platform.

In the field of digital broadcasting, quality is of the utmost importance. Our Multi Streaming Service has been carefully developed to meet this principle. It delivers your streams exactly as you intended – pristine, powerful and uncompromised. What sets us apart is that we deliver your content 1:1 to your defined destinations without compression, maintaining the highest possible quality from the source to your viewers’ screens.

This means that every pixel, every color tone and every note arrives in its original form on your audience’s devices. This sets us apart from other services that compress your streams, which can affect the quality of your stream.

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Save 20% with annual billing!

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Multi Streaming

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Frequently asked questions

The most important questions, answered briefly and concisely for you.

What is Multi Streaming?

With Multi Streaming, you can broadcast live streams on several streaming platforms at the same time and thus maximize your reach.

What are the advantages of Multi Streaming?

Streaming on multiple platforms at the same time offers you the following advantages:

  • Increased reach: by streaming on multiple platforms at the same time, you can reach more viewers and expand your audience.
  • Time savings: Instead of scheduling and running multiple streams separately, you can start and manage all your streams at the same time.
  • Flexibility: You can target different audiences and use different platforms to spread your message.
How do you stream on multiple platforms at the same time?

In order to stream on several platforms at the same time, the stream must be sent to the corresponding number of destinations. Both streaming hardware and programs used for streaming are usually limited to a single destination. With our Multi Streaming Service, we receive the signal from your streaming encoder and forward it to the destinations you have stored with us. This allows you to use our service to stream your content on multiple platforms at the same time without having to make any major changes to your setup.

How do I stream with OBS Studio on Twitch & YouTube at the same time?
Streaming to Twitch and YouTube at the same time is very easy with our solution. In OBS Studio, the RTMP URL and stream key specified in the customer portal are simply configured instead of YouTube or Twitch. The RTMP URLs of Twitch and YouTube are then stored with your individual stream keys via the customer portal. As soon as the stream is started in OBS Studio, we forward it to YouTube and Twitch in parallel.
On how many platforms can I stream at the same time with the Multi Streaming Service?

With our multi-streaming service, you can stream on up to 10 different platforms at the same time. In addition to the most popular platforms such as Twitch, YouTube or Facebook, you can also set custom RTMP destinations.

Are there differences in stream quality between the various platforms?

We forward your stream without compression to the destinations you specify. However, the final output may vary depending on the specific requirements and limitations of each platform.

How does multi-streaming affect my Internet bandwidth?

Streaming on multiple platforms with our service does not require more bandwidth than streaming on a single platform, as the stream is forwarded to the different platforms by our servers.

How can I set up Multi Streaming with the Multi Streaming service?

Setting up our Multi Streaming Service is simple: either enter the stream keys of the accounts you want to stream to on your desired platforms, or enter the custom RTMP destinations and start your stream to our servers. Once the stream is started, we will start forwarding your stream to all destinations at the same time.

What happens if problems occur on a platform during the stream?

Our service is designed so that each stream is managed independently. If a problem occurs on one platform, the streams to the other platforms will continue unaffected.

Which platforms are compatible with the multi-streaming service?

Our Multi Streaming service is universally compatible with any platform that supports the RTMP protocol for streaming. This is the industry standard and is therefore supported by almost all streaming platforms. This ensures that you can reach your audience – no matter where they are watching you.

Which hardware/software can be used with the Multi Streaming service?

Our Multi Streaming service is compatible with any hardware or software solution that supports streaming via the RTMP protocol to user-defined destinations. This flexibility allows you to choose the tools that best suit your streaming needs while ensuring seamless integration with our Multi Streaming service.

How long does it take to set up the Multi Streaming Service?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we offer a quick and uncomplicated setup of your server. We can usually complete the setup within 24 hours.

What billing options are available?

We offer monthly and annual plans to suit different needs and budgets.

If you opt for annual billing, you even save 20% compared to monthly billing.