360 Video Live Streaming
Innovative hosting for your stream​

You want to create your own 360 live video streams? We will show you how to do it and take care of hosting your stream for your audience. With our solution you can easily embed your live stream into your website using a custom HTML code that we provide. Alternatively we offer to host the player for you with password protection so that you can simply forward the link and credentials to your audience.

What are 360 live video streams?

360 videos offer viewers the opportunity to choose their own perspective. You will need a 360 camera that captures video in all directions. While recorded 360 videos are already breathtaking live streaming takes this even further by giving the viewer the ability to look around in real time.

How to create 360 live streams?

Both for recording and live streaming 360 video you will need a 360 camera. There are very different products on the market the differ in resolution and functionality. Cheaper consumer electronic products are the Insta360 ONE X* and the Ricoh Theta V*. Both support live streaming but handle this differently. While the Insta360 needs a smartphone connected to it, the Ricoh gets connected to a computer that captures the image and live streams it using software like OBS Studio. The image quality of these two models is similar as this comparison shows.

For more professional use cases cameras like the Insta360 Pro offer resolutions of up to 8K. As the viewer chooses his own perspective when viewing 360 footage, he always sees just a part of the whole video. This means that a way higher resolution is necessary to achieve the same quality as in conventional videos.

Our solution: 360 video live stream hosting

If you found the right 360 video live streaming setup for your needs we will take care of broadcasting your footage to your audience. You send your stream to our video live streaming server and we will provide you with a player that you can either embed into your website or have us host for you with password protection. You will then receive a custom link that you can send out to your audience so that only certain viewers can view your stream.

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