Embedding live streams on websites
This is how to do it

Embedding a live stream on a website, ist fairly easy. We developed a video live streaming solution that you can simply copy and paste into your website. Optionally we offer you a password-protected link to a website that already includes your live stream so that you don’t have to modify your website.

How to embed a live stream on a website?

In order to embed a live stream, you need a server that receives the video signal via RTMP stream. The server then converts the received data into the correct format to make it compatible with all devices. In the best case the user watches the stream using a HTML5 player that offers maximum compatibility with all modern devices. Optionally the stream can be password-protected in order to restrict access to the live stream.

We developed a very easy-to-use streaming solution that takes care of all that so that you can quickly and easily integrate a live stream on your website. For the implementation you will receive an HTML code that you can copy and paste into your website using WordPress or any other content management system that you use for your website. Alternatively your webmaster will be able to do this for you.

Optionally we also offer creating a custom site for you including a player and password protection so that you don’t need to modify your own website code. You will instead receive a link and a password that you can send out to your audience.

How to start a live stream?

Before embedding a live stream on a website, a live stream needs to be sent from a streaming device. There are different solutions to achieve this. Simple solutions like a regular smartphone or very complex solutions including professional broadcasting equipment. For mobile streams we covered a lot of devices and apps that you can use in the article IRL Streaming.

For stationary streams a computer and a webcam are sufficient. You should make sure to use a high-quality webcam and enough lighting* in order to increase the image quality. You can also use external cameras like a DSLR in order to further increase the image quality. You will need an external adapter* for this that lets you connect a camera via HDMI to your computer.

One of the most popular software solutions for live streaming is OBS Studio. The software allows you to create scenes and combine audio and video sources. By using intro and outro scenes you will get a very professional look for your live video stream.

* = Affiliate Link