IRL RTMP & SRT Endpoint Server
Embed RTMP & SRT streams into your streaming software

Our IRL RTMP & SRT Endpoint Server hosting allows you to embed your mobile IRL stream into your local streaming software like OBS Studio using either SRT or RTMP. Intelligent algorithms automatically detect low bitrate and switch your streaming software scenes accordingly (see requirements). If you already have a streaming PC with Streaming Software, you can use your PC instead of a more expensive cloud streaming server.

OBS Server

Embed your mobile IRL Streams into your streaming software

Easily embed your mobile IRL streams in your local OBS Studio live video streaming software. Our automatic scene switching will switch the scene if you have poor signal so that your stream stays online and your audience is always informed about what’s going on.

High-quality mobile streams. Automatically.

Automatic Scene Switching

Our algorithms detect low bandwidth and automatically switch to another scene so that your viewers know that you will be back shortly.

Overlays & Alerts

If you already have your overlays and alerts set up in your Streaming Software, you can use them in your mobile streams too. You can also create separate overlays and alerts for your mobile streams.

Offline Prevention

As long as your local Streaming Software streams, you stay online. Even if you lose your mobile connection. This will make sure you keep your viewers.

Global servers

We host servers in the US, Europe and Asia. This allows us to reduce the latency to a minimum.

Chat commands

We implemented useful chat commands that you, your mods and your viewers on Twitch can use to receive information about your stream status.

Premium Support

Our SRT servers are extremely easy to use. If you should still need any assistance, we are always here to help you with your setup.

One price. Endless possibilities.

We only offer one price, no matter what resolution or frames per second you want to stream at. Our servers are optimized for up to 1080p @ 60fps.

IRL Endpoint Server

~ $ 27 per month, excl. VAT*
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Ingest via RTMP, SRT & SRTLA
  • Compatible with basically all modern streaming solutions including LiveU Solo, Teradek, GoPro Hero 7 and newer, Belabox, Kiloview, Smartphone Apps (Larix Broadcaster)
  • Optimized for up to 1080p @ 60fps
  • Setup fee (one-time): 25€ (~ $ 27)
* All prices excl. VAT. All offers are addressed exclusively to entrepreneurs within the meaning of §14 BGB (German Civil Code). Minimum contract period: 1 month. If not cancelled before the end of the period, the contract will be automatically renewed and charged for another month.

Frequently asked questions
Answered for you.

How does the IRL SRT & RTMP Server work?

If you want to embed a mobile stream into Streaming Software, you will need an IRL Endpoint server. We will provide you with such a server. You will receive all the information you need to embed your mobile stream into your local Streaming Software. Furthermore your local Streaming Software will automatically switch scenes according to the current bitrate of your mobile stream. If it is to low or the connection is completely lost, the scene will switch and keep your viewers informed about the current situation.

What are the requirements for a working environment?

There are generally no requirements for usage of our SRT servers other than an encoder that offers streaming via SRT or RTMP. In order to use the automatic scene switching, you will need a Windows PC running OBS Studio. If you already streamed successfully using your system, there is a high chance that everything will work perfectly on the first try. Depending on your internet connection, you should adjust your mobile streaming bitrate as well as the bitrate you set in Streaming Software. Keep in mind that you will stream your mobile stream to your local Streaming Software (downstream) and stream to your preferred platform using your PC (upstream). You need to make sure that your internet connection is fast enough to cope with these bandwidth requirements.

What is SRT and how does it differ from RTMP?

SRT stands for Secure Reliable Transport. Just like RTMP it is a protocol for streaming audio and video data. SRT offers a lot of advantages like compatibility with newer and more efficient encoding techniques like H.265 HEVC, lower latency and a more reliable form of streaming.

How long does the setup take?

We usually deliver your server within 24 hours.

Where will my server be located?

We automatically choose a data center of ours that is located closest to your billing address. If you want the server location manually, send us a ticket before placing your order and choose one of the following locations:

MelbourneAustraliaAsia Pacific
MumbaiIndiaAsia Pacific
SeoulSouth KoreaAsia Pacific
SingaporeSingaporeAsia Pacific
SydneyAustraliaAsia Pacific
TokyoJapanAsia Pacific
Atlanta, GeorgiaUSANorth America
Chicago, IllinoisUSANorth America
Dallas, TexasUSANorth America
Fremont, CaliforniaUSANorth America
Los Angeles, CaliforniaUSANorth America
Mexico CityMexicoNorth America
Miami, FloridaUSANorth America
New York, New YorkUSANorth America
Newark, New JerseyUSANorth America
Seattle, WashingtonUSANorth America
Silicon Valley, CaliforniaUSANorth America
Toronto, OntarioCanadaNorth America
São PauloBrazilSouth America

If you should have any further questions, feel free to contact us at any time and get to know our premium support.