Live Streaming Service Provider
Reach your audience in real time

Finding the right live streaming service provider can be hard. There are many different solutions on the market. Our mission is to provide our clients with easy-to-use solutions that make live streaming accessible for all companies. The all-round carefree live video streaming server package simplifies the process of providing your audience with a stable stream. Our streaming backpack is a complete mobile streaming solution for high-quality live streams.

Our solution as a live streaming service provider

One of our major services is hosting of video live streaming servers. These servers allow you to create your own live video streams and broadcast the stream to your audience. We take care of all the technical work in the background. As soon as we receive your video stream on our servers you can use the copy & paste HTML5 player to embed the stream into your website or for even more comfort let us host your player. You will receive a password-protected link that you can send to your audience. Simultaneously we can transcode your footage into different resolutions in real time. This will enable viewers with a slow internet connection to view your stream at a lower quality level without buffering. The combination of all these features is our all-round carefree streaming package that takes care of all necessary steps from receiving your stream to reliably delivering it to all your viewers.

Overview of our live streaming services:

  • Server for receiving your video stream
  • Player embedding your live stream into your website
  • Optional hosting of your player on an individual website created for you with password protection
  • Optional live transcoding of your content into different resolutions

Use cases: Live events, Exhibitions, Concerts & more

Clients in very different industries use our services. While primarily events and meetings like exhibitions, conferences and concerts are being broadcasted we also provide web portals with 24 hour streaming servers.

How much is live streaming?

We value transparent and simple pricing. On our product detail page of our video live streaming server you will see the exact fixed price based on the concurrent viewers you plan to reach. There are no overage charges. You enjoy unlimited data transfer and can use your streaming server as much as you like without having to worry about paying extra. Easy, transparent and fair.

Which technologies are used?

In order to reach a compatibility rate of over 99% with all latest devices we only use modern technology on our servers. Our live streaming server is based on NGINX that is also used by companies like Netflix and Adobe. Through HTTP Live Streaming (short HLS) we make sure to provide your video stream fast and reliable to your audience. The player for your audience is an HTML5 player that works on both regular desktop computers as well as mobile devices. In order to secure that data connection we use HTTPS and SSL for encryption.

How long does the setup process take?

As a cloud live streaming service provider we prioritize speed and usability. Therefore we are usually able to setup new systems within 24 hours. Our solutions are also very intuitive and easy to use. In case you need help we are more than happy to provide you with our premium support at no additional costs.