Live streams with password protection
Quick & easy solution

Creating a password-protected live stream does not have to be complicated. Our solution takes care of all the necessary steps. You simply start your stream and we make sure that only your audience in possession of the password is able to watch it.

How does a password-protected live stream work?

Our live streaming solution is very easy to use and ready within 24 hours. Therefore we made sure that all necessary components for the perfect live streaming experience are in place and perfectly combined. The center of the setup is an RTMP server. The server receives your video feed and forwards it to a player that we host for you on our systems. You simply send the provided link and the credentials to your audience and start streaming.

How to start a live stream?

Before we can broadcast a stream to your audience, you will need to provide the content. You can use different hardware and software solutions for this. A smartphone or a computer with a camera are already sufficient but you can also use much more professional setups. In our article IRL Streaming we compiled a list of different solutions for different budgets.

Instead of using a smartphone or a webcam, new action cams like the GoPros also offer live streaming directly from the device. You just need to connect the cameras to a smartphone or a Wi-Fi network. Generally all devices and programs that are able to stream to a custom RTMP server are compatible with our solution.

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