Stream to multiple platforms simultaneously

Streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously is called multistreaming or restreaming. Our multistreaming server allows you to stream to up to 10 platforms or custom RTMP URLs. Easy and ready to use in no time. You can use the service with your local Streaming Software or any RTMP compatible streaming software or hardware.

Incredible features. Incredibly easy to use.

Easy to use

Our easy-to-use control panel allows you to quickly manage your destinations.

Up to 10 different platforms

Forward your stream to up to 10 different platforms.

Changes live in 60 seconds

You can always reconfigure your destination platforms. Within 60 seconds your changes are live.

Global servers

We host servers in the US, Europe and Asia. This allows us to reduce the latency to a minimum.

Ready to use in 24 hours

We usually deliver our servers within 24 hours.

Premium support

Using our servers is easy but if you need help we are always here for you.

Plans just as flexible as your requirements.


per month, excl. VAT*
  • Stream to up to 2 platforms simultaneously
  • All custom destinations (RTMP URLs)
  • Multiple streams to the same platform possible
  • No branding
  • No stream duration limit
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Optimized for up to 1080p @ 60fps
  • No setup fee

* All prices excl. VAT. All offers are addressed exclusively to entrepreneurs within the meaning of §14 BGB (German Civil Code). Minimum contract period: 1 month. If not cancelled before the end of the period, the contract will be automatically renewed and charged for another month.

Frequently asked questions
Answered for you.

Which platform are compatible with the multistreaming server?

You can stream to any platform that you can stream to using RTMP. As RTMP is the industry standard these are basically all platforms. While some services limit the use of certain platforms, we give you the full flexibility to choose 10 different destinations simply by entering your custom RTMP URLs.

How to stream to multiple platforms using Streaming Software?

If you want to use Streaming Software to stream to your preferred platforms you can use our multistreaming to do so. Simply enter the final streaming destinations into our control panel and stream to the RTMP destination shown in the control panel. We will forward your stream to up to 10 platforms.

How does multistreaming/restreaming work?

Multistreaming or restreaming utilizes a server that is placed between your streaming hardware or software and the platforms you want to stream to. Instead of streaming directly to the platform, you stream to a server hosted by us and we will forward the incoming stream to the different platforms. Using the customer control panel you can configure your desired streaming destinations.

What are the benefits of streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously?

As there are a lot of different social media platforms on the market it is hard to reach all your audience in one spot. Streaming to multiple platforms at once allows you to maximize both the reach and the success of your livestreams.

How long does the setup take?

We usually deliver new servers within 24 hours.

What are the technical requirements?

If you already stream to one platform using RTMP you are capable of using our servers right away.

If you should have any further questions, feel free to contact us at any time.