Twitch Stream Overlays
Buy custom or ready-to-use overlays

Overlays are the best way to give your stream visualization a personal touch. You can either buy ready-to-use templates or pay people for individually created overlays. We show you where to get the best overlays and where you can get individual ones created at a good price.

Overlays are graphics that you lay over your stream content. They may contain useful meta information like your sub count on Twitch, the most recent follower or donation goals that you and your community try to reach. As a visual upgrade this makes your stream look more professional. We will guide you through the whole process of getting the perfect overlay and embedding it into your stream using Streaming Software.

Buying individual custom overlays / commissions

The most personal form of a stream overlay is a custom overlay that was created individually for your stream. By having a custom stream design you can make sure that your branding is consistent through all your social media channels. We recommend keeping the same designer for all your graphics work in order to keep a consistent design. Finding the perfect designer for your preferred style is very easy. There are a lot of marketplaces for graphic artists out there.

The platform we can highly recommend is Fiverr* where you can buy all your stream graphics for as low as $5. Fiverr connects you with thousands of artists and allows you to preview their work in order to get an idea of the expected results. It is a great idea to search for one graphic artist that can create your panels, overlays and sometimes even your emotes to have one design that is consistent through all your stream graphics.

Buying premium overlays

If you prefer to buy ready-to-use overlays, premium templates are a great option. They usually come with editable source files for Adobe Photoshop or After Effects so that you can modify the colors and looks to match your personal preference. The main benefit is that with using premium overlays you always know what you get as you can completely preview the overlay before buying. It is not as individual as a custom-made design but is a great alternative if are okay with having a design that can be used by many different streamers.

One of the most popular services for premium templates is NerdOrDie*. They have great designs with high quality and offer fair prices.

Downloading free overlays

The easiest and cheapest solution is to use overlays that can be downloaded and used for free. Although the quality of these templates is generally not as high as those of premium overlays it can still be a great start. There are several free sites like the following:

Static vs animated

We generally differentiate between static and animated overlays. Static overlays are regular graphics that are partly transparent so that the content below them is visible. Static are easier to create than animated ones and do not distract your viewers from the real content as much as animated overlays. On the other hand animated overlays are a great way of further increasing the visual aesthetics of your stream.