Stream your event live
Affordable & professional

Streaming an event cheaply and professionally does not have to be mutually exclusive. We explain how you can realize your own live streams of events and functions even on a budget and ensure that your live stream is reliably received by your viewers with our video live stream hosting.

How can a live stream of an event be realized?

The requirements for broadcasting an event are similar to those for recording an event: a camera, separate microphones if necessary and, if you want to film from more than one perspective, a way to control different cameras in the form of an image mixer or software that combines several sources and allows you to switch between them. The possibilities are numerous, depending on the desired quality. In the following, we look at semi-professional solutions, which for many companies represent a cost-effective alternative to professional implementation by a service provider.

High-quality streams with simple means

Thanks to today’s technology, it is already possible to create high-quality streams with the simplest of means. Even TV stations and online productions are increasingly using smartphones to create online formats for reports and documentaries. Various solutions from action cams to professional equipment, which is also used by TV productions to create mobile streams, are presented in the article IRL Streaming.

Our solution: Video Live Streaming Server

To reliably broadcast your event to your audience, you need a server that receives your signal and makes it available. Our easy-to-use solution allows you to integrate your live stream into your website. Alternatively, we can also provide you with a password-protected link that you can forward to your audience.

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